Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here is a picture of our home today.

Handsome Grandsons

How exciting it is for our 3 Grandsons leaving on a Pioneer Trek this morning. I can't believe how much the boys are growing. The boys in the picture are Hilton, friend, Jake & Joey. What an experience to feel some of the hardships our ancestors had to endure.

We're Home and Anxiously Waiting

We are back from Illinois! We arrived home on Sunday evening and are happy to report that Troy is getting much better. They haven't found what exactly attacked him but he is responding to the treatment he is getting and feeling better each day. We are very excited that they are strill going to come to Arizona this Saturday. It's always great to be with Melani and her family in Centralia and we were happy to get to add an extra visit for the year. Thanks Pam & Dean for getting us tickets to fly out at a moments notice, I hate space available flying but it all worked out perfectly.